I'm home from my awesome week at Muskoka Woods! I went on a school trip with the other grade 9s and 11s but I mostly spent time with my colour group - Carolina Blue! :-) On the first day, my colour group and I decorated a group flag together, and made a music video to Barbie Girl by Aqua.


We were all so nervous but when we got up there, we weren't nervous anymore! :-)


On Tuesday, we started with activities, from SYTYCD, to arts and crafts and lastly, low ropes!


After low ropes, our group were to create a toy with snow. We decided to make a rocketship and let's just say, it did not look like a rocket ship in the beginning... :-)


At night time, we enjoyed a performance from the grade 11s! These are the Jonas Brothers,

and here's Taylor Swift and that's Kanye West interrupting, and lastly, there's Edward and Bella from Twilight! Hahaha :-)


On Wednesday, I went to winter games (Which is basically tubing down hills, yes!) I also had a wipe out, but I'm all good! :-) A teacher congratulated me for being the first person to have a wipe out of the day!!! Hahahaha After that, the next activity was group dynamics! It was so much fun - one of my favourite stations! The last station of the day was high ropes, and this was the station I was definitely not looking forward to because I'm afraid of heights! The first tower I climbed up was shared with four people. We would all stand up the top of the tower, held each other's hands, then let go and fall together!


At the end of the day, we had a riot in the gym with other group colours! Every group colour was required to be decked in their colour make up a cheer, "C-B-C, C-B-C, we're coming after you! We're the best, better than the rest, Carolina Blue CREW!"


and compete in games with other groups! My colour group won a race!!! :-) At the end of the gym riot, we all sang the song I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys and it was so cool how all of us bonded together. :) The next day was thursday, and it all happened so fast! It was the last day of activities. I was happy and sad because everything happened so quick! The first activity was athletics and oh my goodness, I've never seen my group all so tired before we even started through the day! Everyone was tired from the riot the night before, even me! We still managed to get through and the girls even beat the guys at obstacles game! :-) The next activity was co-op games! We played with the parachutes and Pictionary!

The last activity of the day was ski adventure and snowshoeing!
I'm proud of myself that I only fell five times! :-)


At the end of the night, it was disco night! We all danced together to the disco dance we learned at SYTYCD,

 and after we went into the music hall and sang along to songs! The night ended with happy tears and hugs! :-) On Friday, we had a two hour debrief with our colour groups. We all shed happy tears again and hoped to stay in touch!

I will never forget what my leaders said, "Cindy, you're a big ball of sunshine. You're always smiling through the good and the bad. I'm so glad you're in our colour group." - Ben and Cerys

I want to thank my colour group for making this one of the best week ever, and for being there during my most embarassing moments - falling down the hill from skiing, and my proudest moments, like when I reached all the way to the top of the high rope tower! I've danced with friends, sang my heart out with strangers and laughed all day and night! I've learned many life lessons and made many memories I won't ever forget! :-)