I hung out with the girlies yesterday for Joycelyn's birthday party! :-) We all met at Joycelyn's house and sat around thinking of what to do and where to go. Joycelyn came up with the idea of window shopping and then eating! We didn't care, since it's her birthday!

We walked out her front door and headed to Eaton Centre! We were pretending we were american tourists! Hehehe :-) We met up with Fathiya and took photobooth pictures! It was difficult fitting seven people in a photobooth! The first four people took the first photobooth pictures and the last three took the second! :-) We got hungry afterwards and our first plan was to go to Jack Astor's to eat but we walked by Johnny Rockets instead and went in there! It looked like a 50's diner place and they even had a jukebox! We had such an awesome waiter that was so patient with us!!! We ordered chocolate/rootbeer milkshakes, hamburgers, salads, fries and chicken wings! :-) After we ate, Joycelyn offered to buy us all one accessory from Forever 21 - as a loot bag kinda thing! We headed over there and we all picked out stuff from jewelry to sunglasses! I got these cute floral shades! I also bought myself a t-shirt! :-) When we were done paying, we had to head home quickly to eat cake. The subway back was FUN! We tried jerking and balancing on one foot! Hahaha When we got back to Joy's place, we watched the movie Whip It, ate ice cream cake and sat around giggling and talking! :-)

Fathiya, Keyla, Ana and Cammy had to go home so we hugged each other and took one last group photo! When they left, Joy, Jen and I played on the mac! We took apple pictures and recorded us singing. Hehehe :-) That's about it! This totally made this week like the best week ever! Happy birthday best friend! :-)