This year, I decided to spend my birthday with my close friends and family! I didn't want to do "house parties," so instead, I decided to go to Mandarin and watch a movie after! My plan was a success, yes!


Mandarin's food was yummy! I those chocolate covered strawberry! :-)


We fooled around in their washrooms a little too! Hehehe :-)


My cousin told the Mandarin people that it was my birthday! They took a picture of us, put it in a frame and gave me a free slice of cake, how nice!!


Before we left, we opened fortune cookies! :-)


We went to the movies afterwards and we had a vote for what movie to watch...


it was either Dear John, Avatar or When in Rome! We decided to watch When in Rome!

I thought it was funny!! My sister apparently fell asleep! After that, we played in the arcade while we waited for my cousins' dad to pick us up!


My friends and I spent like $10 to win toys! Hehehe :-)


We took some photos outside a bit before my uncle arrived! :-)


We headed back to my house and we played cards! We played signal and then PIG after that game was INTENSE! We used pencils (Horrible choice!) and everyone was so violent and I was the first one out! NOT FAIR! Hahaha We played truth or dare, had deep conversations and we also pranked called Megan's boyfriend - which was a total fail! We kept giggling! The night ended perfectly with delicious ice cream cake! Thanks guys for making this a memorable birthday!!! :-)