Joycelyn came over today! She came early and we didn't know what to do, so we ate waffles! :-) She showed me how to eat waffles her way - which was to eat it with vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on top! I thought that sounded gross since it was so sweet but I was totally wrong, it was tasty!!! :-)

After we ate, we went to the park that Jen and I went to during the March break! On the way there, we noticed there was a smaller park nearby so we decided to stop over there! The park was surrounded by fences and we were going to jump the fence but oddly, the fence had the simplest lock EVER!! You basically push the metal piece up and it opens magically! :-) That totally saved us time and me from struggling to get over that fence! Hahaha

We took only a few photos in there because Joycelyn got cold, so went back to my house to get her jacket! After that, we decided to go to one of our "old" parks again! :-) We went through our special alley way to get there and noticed our old carvings on one of the fences!

We added new things to the carving and then we were off to Narnia! :-) We took pictures in our usual places! Good times, good times!

We stayed for an hour or so and left when Joycelyn's camera ran out of batteries! That's okay though, we decided to go for beef jerky - our summer tradition! We walked to the convenience store and bought a new flavor of beef jerky - Terayaki! It tasted weird. It was mushy and had this flavor that we weren't use to, so we threw it away! We're such waste, but we just couldn't take another bite. After we threw the beef jerky in the trash, we decided to go home. On our way home, we both noticed the advertisement infront of the Baskin Robbins! They were advertising the "FORGET ME NOT" sundae! It looked sooo delicious!!!! We decided to walk in and try it! :-) How yummy!!! It's too bad we have no pictures to share - camera was dead, remember? After, we sat infront of my old middle school and ate it! :-) We went back to my house when we were done and sat there. We came up with an idea of making a handshake! We googled and youtubed some ideas, but we didn't really find any! We used our brain power and came up with our own! :-) We probably did it x100 to get it perfect in that video!!!! CHECK IT OUT. IT'S SO WORTH 15 SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!