Yesterday was my sister's "Admit it! You're Creative!" event and it was a success!!! :-) The beginning was a little hectic since some of the volunteers didn't do their jobs but we managed to pull through!

I've met alotta strangers since I was in charge of photographing them in front of the windows where I created different sceneries for them to pose with! (Credits to Katie Sokoler's idea!)

To be honest, I actually like talking to them since I know I'll never meet them again so whatever stupid thing I say ...won't matter! Hahaha :-)

The volunteers and I also clicked with these guys that was in charge of Hi-Tech Engraving! They engrave any metal things and we got it for FREE, check out their website! I got three things, two dog tags and one card with my face on it! :-) This event was awesome because I got to finish my 40 hours!!! It was totally worth all my time to make the banners, posters, and other decor! I don't think I want to do another event for a while! Now I have to focus on my summatives and exams!