Today cindynguyenxo turns one year old! I still remember my first post today! Hehe :-) I actually didn't think I would keep this blogspot going for so long!!! Special thanks to all the people who have been following my blog to this day and the days that have yet to come!!! :-)

In the morning, I went to the doctor's with my grandma! My uncle dropped us off early before he went to work but the doctors didn't open until 10:30! We just chilled in a shop beside the doctor's office.


After bringing my grandma to the doctor's, Jen came over to celebrate this wonderful day! We went to Metro to buy something to eat with our five bucks! :-) We rode our new bikes that my uncle gave us! It saved us so much time!!! :-)


We didn't know whether to buy wedges or onion rings, so the lady gave us half of each in a large box! We used our left over change to buy some sour keys! :-) After that, we headed to the park to have a picnic!


After we were done eating, we started using my camera to take a photo of us with Jen's camera! Hahaha :-)