For my Spanish summative, I had to pick a Spanish country and make either a collage of photos of the country, a brochure about the country or a pinata! I chose Puerto Rico for my country and I chose to do a pinata! :-) I decided to make a fruit bowl, because Puerto Rico is mostly known for their delicious fruits! I decided to take pictures of the whole process of me making it!

#1: Gather the equipments and cover a bowl in foil so you could stick newspaper onto it, without sticking on the bowl!

#2: Use newspaper and scrunch it up! I tried to make it look like edible fruits! :-)

#3: Cover it in paper mache!

#4: Cover it in colourful tissue paper! I introduce you to my ...FRUIT BOWL! :-)

The last process took me so long! I made these steps seem so simple but each step took me a while! It was 10:30 and I wasn't finished yet, so my parents came in and helped me out!!! :-) Everyone loved my presentation today! I can't believe I finished!!! I'm finally done all my summatives, time to relax!