My long time friend Megan came over today with her grandma and two little sisters! Her grandma and my grandma were chilling together and her little sisters were playing on my Wii! Meanwhile, Megan and I were chilling! :-) She brought muuula $ (Thanks Megan! ) and wanted to make a rainbow cake after reading my Summer list! :-) We biked to Metro under the crazy heat and bought the ingredients! Look at my sweet baby in the cart! Hehehe :-)


We got three boxes of Betty Crocker's Vanilla Cake Mix, two cans of vanilla icing, a box of food colouring, jelly candies and sprinkles to decorate our beautiful cake! :-)


These are Megan's photos of me when we were biking home. She's so good! She was eating an ice cream in one hand, biking and taking photos of me! :-) When we got home and was just about to make the cake, we realized I had only one egg in the fridge! We had to bike back to Metro and buy some more!!! :-( We took the long route to Metro and passed the same bridge Jen and I took pictures at yesterday! We decided to take some pictures there too! :-) It was so weird, we did the same poses without knowing!!! :-)


Megan saw the river over the bridge and wanted to go down there and take some pictures! :-) Before we went down to the river, we had to cross this path ...we decided to take pictures on the path! Hahaha I realized now that we took pictures at every step! :-)


We finally gave up with the jumping pictures and went down to the river! Gosh, the grass surrounding the river is so long, someone needs to cut it! My legs got so itchy after we were done! Megan told me it's not poison ivy. I hope not!!! Megan was so sweet, she cleared a path for me to walk and warned me. :-)


I wanted to go in the river with Megan but I was wearing flats and I don't like how wet flats feels like! I shouldn't have worn flats, but next time for sure I'll go down the river! :-)


We went back up the hill and rode to Metro to get our eggs for our cake! :-) When we got home, we cooled off before getting started! We drank some peach juice and ate mango jello cups. Delicious! :-) We quickly got started on our rainbow cake!


We poured in the cake mix and started stirring and stirring. Megan's little sisters helped us out too!


After the cake mix had no more lumps and chunks, we divided it into bowls and added each food colouring of the rainbow and mixed! :-)


My big oven doesn't work at my house, so we had to use my little oven to make it! Each layer of colour took half an hour to bake! While it was baking, we went and played Mario Kart, computer and talked! Unfortunately, after four layers of our rainbow cake was done (We had two more to go!), Megan's daddy came and picked them up and they had to leave! I let megan take home the four layers of the rainbow cake! :-) Here are the pics of the almost done rainbow cake at her house! She told me it was delicious!!! I'M SO HAPPY IT WAS! :-)


Next time we're going to make and finish the cake at Megan's house instead - with her big oven! :-) I hope you had fun at my house today Megan! :-)