Yesterday Jen came over and she helped me accomplished the first thing on my Summer list!

{} tan in my backyard

We got so hot so we decided to stop after an hour and went inside to cool off! We were sweating so much already! It's crazy how hot the heat wave is getting but I actually kinda like it! We went inside and played Mario Kart and then we went back out to play on the swing set!

We rode bikes to a new park I found when I was biking with my mommy! :-) On the way to the park, we crossed this beautiful bridge that you could see a river from!

We finally arrived at the park! That's us jumping for joy! :-)

It's too bad we didn't take any pictures of us on the playground! It was just too hot and I was a little sad because I had my new camera's first drop that day! I guess after I drop it more often, it'll be more easier to handle! *Sniff, sniff. The time flew by so fast and before we knew it, Jen had to go home! I walked her to the bus stop and then I met up with my sister and her boyfriend to play tennis! :-)

We only had two tennis rackets so I was a bench warmer for most of time. I was fine with it, since I've already sweated so much that day! :-)