My cousin Nancy invited me to her 14th birthday at Playdium last Saturday! My daddy drove me to her house on Saturday morning and I woke my cousins up from their beauty sleep! :-) After I woke them up very early, her daddy brought us to go buy a birthday cake for her and on the way, we got ice caps at Tim Hortons! We got back, ate breakfast, took pictures on her balcony 


and then got dressed to meet up with her friends at Playdium!


We arrived there earlier than the rest and had to wait, meanwhile, we took random pictures! Virgin Radio had a balloon blow up thing where you could pose in front of it and then win free things - obviously we did it!! They gave us an inflatable ball! :-) When Nancy's friends arrived, we bought the tickets and went in to play! 


I played with my little cousin, meanwhile, Nancy hung out with her friends! We all would bump into each other from time to time! :-)


My little cousin is so good at those games at Playdium! In the end, they all got like 300 - 500 tickets! I got 200 (the least outta all of them, HEHE) and they all got a stuffed animal! I got a nerds rope (SUCHA LOSER) they all named their stuffed animals so I named mine too ...SHIRLEY! ( I ATE HALF OF HER ALREADY!) After we got our prizes, we went to go buy food! Nancy and her friends got poutine, meanwhile Lisa got pizza and I got onion rings!


After we ate, played on the bumper cars, and I helped Nancy take a few pictures of her and her friends,


we all went home! I went back to my cousin's place for dinner! This is us chilling on her bed when we came back to her house!


Her family invited family friends and family over for dinner too! We all chilled and played Rockband! We got bored, so we went to eat barbecue and then left to go to the park! The park near her house is sooo beautiful because they have a large lake there with a fountain! We played on the playground and then we just walked around the lake! We looked at the frogs in the lake, walked across the bridge, went up close to a black egg, watched people feed popcorn to the geese and stepped on the geese poop!


We decided to go home at 9:00 to cut the cake and because it was getting late! When we got home, we played more Rockband and then it was time to cut the Winnie the Pooh ice cream cake!


After, we played Mario Kart on the Wii! It was so intense and competitive! All the girls had a deep conversation upstairs in my cousins' bedroom after and before we knew it, we all had to go home! YOUR PARTY WAS AWESOME NANCY, I HOPE YOU HAD AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY LOVE! XOXO