Yesterday Susan, Ryan, Joycelyn and I went to Medieval Times! It was all our first time there, so we didn't know what to expect! When we first walked in, we had to buy the tickets and then we walked through this door where they gave you a certain colour paper crown to tell you which section you are sitting at! We got the black & white crown! After we got our paper crowns, we walked into this room where we just lounged around with everybody else, looked at knights, bought stuff, took pictures and just waited until they call us into the big stadium! :-)

While we were lounging, they were announcing birthday shout-outs! There were so many birthdays that day, I should've lied and said it was mine too!!! Hehehe :-) When we finally got called into the stadium, I got excited since I didn't know what to expect!

That's the stadium in the left picture and our seats on the right! We sat down in our seats and realized that there were no utensils to eat with, my sister asked the waitress and she said that we had to eat with our hands like Medieval Times people! HOW COOL!

I thought it was cool how the menu was on the napkins! :-) Our first meal was tomato soup, yum! Here are some random pictures of the stadium!

It looked so cool when the lights were off and you could see everyone's candles glowing! They had many different colour lights inside the stadium, oh how pretty! :-)

The show started with this man telling you about the story (?) I didn't listen though, I was too amazed and busy taking pictures! :-) They showed us the knight we were going to vote for. We got the black and white knight since we had the black and white crown!

Our knight was soo nice, he was totally checking out my sister. He even threw her a rose... but I like to secretly think he was aiming towards me! Hahaha :-)

Don't want to tell you guys what the story is about because I don't want to ruin it for any of you guys that are planning to go watch it and plus, I don't even know what the story was about, ha!

It was soon time for the battle! The green knight vs. yellow knight and the green knight won! Our black and white knight vs. the red and yellow knight (A.K.A our enemy) WE BEAT THEM, WOOOOOO!!!! After, the black & white knight vs. the blue knight and the blue knight won, ugh! The blue knight vs. red knight and the red knight beat him and he won the whole thing! :-)

It ended with the same guy from the beginning who started the story! After that, Susan, Ryan, Joycelyn and I hurriedly left before the doors got crowded! That's it, my lady! Thanks to my sister for bringing us! :-)