Today my sister told me on MSN how she won a scholarship from her school and how she also got accepted to a new intern place! To congratulate her, I decided to bake her cupcakes and not just any kind of cupcakes... rainbow cupcakes!


I used about 1/3 of Betty Crocker's Vanilla Cake Mix and then I divided the cake mix into six small cups!


I added each colour of the rainbow in each cup.


I got these cute Tinkerbell cupcake cups at Metro today! :-)


After I was done mixing the colours with the cake mix, I started adding each colour in the paper cups! I started with one layer of purple, then blue, green, etc. I didn't really center each colour and don't mix the colours together!!! After I was done that, I plopped it in the oven! :-)


Are you guys ready to see how it looked like when it came out of the oven?


WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABIES IN THERE!!!!?!!?!? I thought I did everything correctly, but I think I added too much cake mix in one cup!! Note: This is my first time making rainbow cupcakes!


Just look at these! Let's just say they're... cute ok!


Icing does a pretty good job of covering up the... um ...explosions ... yeah! :-)


Iit actually looks so pretty in those photos! I hope my sister would eat these!!! I also hope your cupcakes turns out better than mine!