I went rock climbing downtown on Monday, with my sister Susan, her boyfriend Ryan and my best friend Jen! :-)


Ryan, Jen and I met up with my sister at the subway station and then we bussed downtown!


Aw! Don't they look soo in love?!


I think I look kinda awkward walking. I don't usually walk like that.. well I hope I don't!!! Hahaha :-)


We finally arrived at the rock climbing place! Oh look, lucky you guys! I took a picture of the number of the place for you guys! :-)


Ryan was so good at rock climbing, we even competed with each other!!! GUESS WHO WON? ME! Jokes! I can't remember! :-)


Jen was soo good at rock climbing, even though she haven't done it in a while!


My sister was great too! After two hours of rock climbing, we were all so thirsty
and sweaty, so we left and went for dinner at Pickel Barrel, yum!


When the water came to our table, I was slurping it down! Water has never tasted that good!


They gave us so much! We all couldn't finish so we had to have take-out! After we were done, we went for a stroll downtown. The lights looked so pretty!


We watched a magician do some magic tricks with a fork! He was bending it back and forth, I don't know how! I think it's some sort of special fork he got. :-) Jen and I couldn't see that well because of these tall dudes standing in front of us.


Before we left, we saw cool chalk art on the sidewalk by Chalkmaster Dave! Sooo talented! If you see him, give him $2 to support his trip to visit his daughter! :-)