Joycelyn came over and we biked to Second Cup! She ordered the Vanilla Bean Chiller and I ordered the Strawberry and Lemonade Chiller! I thought the chiller tasted good at first but after a while, not so much!

We decided to make our own slushie! We used my sucky and old blender, put a tray of ice cubes in and crushed and grind the ice cubes before putting in some orange juice. The orange juice had lots of pulp in it, so we decided to add three spoons of sugar, yikes!!!

After using the tray of ice, we replaced the water with orange juice and made orange popsicles! We placed the tray of ice in the freezer after and drank our orange juice slushie! We went and painted our nails while we waited! I didn't want to paint mines because I think I painted it a lot this summer so I helped Joycelyn paint hers! :-) By the time we were finished, so was our popsicles!!!


I made joycelyn model her nails for me! I was soopah doopah proud of them! They looked way better than the first time I did it with Jen! When we did it, it looked like dices! Hahaha It actually looks like a nice polka dot pattern now! :-)