My cousins Judy, Nancy and Lisa came over yesterday and I remember how Judy told me I always take cool pictures without her! So yesterday, we went to my favourite park to take some "cool" pictures together! :-) It was such a cold day! We rode my three bikes (there were four of us though but, my red bike has a seat at the back so we were able to double ride)! While Judy was riding Lisa to the park, Nancy and I stopped to take some pictures because the sun was looking beautiful! :-)

My cousin Lisa (on the left) noticed these cool monkey bars and wanted us four to take pictures on them!

Afterwards, we just hung around on the monkey bars because the sun seemed to be shining in that area the most! We thought it would make lovely pictures!

We gave monkey bars a break and took pictures elsewhere! It was so scary posing in the right photo, I thought I was going to fall!!!

We slowly moved away from the playground to the basketball court! Judy was talking about how she wished she was able to slam dunk so we created an illusion that she could! Hehehe :-)

Check us out! We're holding each other in our hands!!! Tripppyyy!




Our night ended with this picture! It was my favourite out of the whole batch!!! :-)