I finally got around to making pizza pretzels!
It was somewhat messy and took a bit of time but they were really easy and tasty to make! It was worth it! :-) We followed the Pillsbury recipe but sorta gave it our own twist! What we used: whole wheat dough, tomato sauce, pepporoni and mozarella & cheddar shredded cheese - this could all be bought at Metro!


We first rolled out the dough and sliced it into four strips, we made the width of each strip the same width as the pepperoni.

After dividing the strips evenly, we placed our toppings inside! :-) We then sealed the dough together and shaped it into a pretzel! We also sprinkled extra shredded cheese on top of it after. We put the tomato sauce inside the pretzel, instead of using it as a dip on the side. If any of you are going to try this, I suggest not to put the sauce inside since it was difficult sealing the pretzel together. If you do want to, I recommend putting just a bit and dipping your pretzel in the sauce after.

We had extra dough so we made mini pizzas, nothing tastes good like a homemade pizza! :-)

We ate them before we ate our pizza pretzels! Before we knew it, our pizza pretzels were ready and they sure turned out better than we expected! :-)

After the delicious brunch, we had a water balloon fight!!! :-)