We woke up on friday, ate brunch, baked chocolate chip cookies and got ready to go out with my sister and her boyfriend! He picked us up and we went to go pick up Susan at her work! We got there early, so we hung out at a nearby park. :-)

That park was actually so nice! It even had a washroom there, how awesome is that?!

After we picked up susan, we went to the movies to watch Captain America! We got there an hour early so we hung out at the arcade,

and then we headed into the theatres!

Who needs to buy popcorn and chips? :-) After the movie (It was good, by the way!) we went to the beach!


It was too dark to swim or tan, so we just walked around on the boardwalk! The weather was pleasant. :-) I was so happy that it didn't rain and the sand wasn't gross.

The night ended perfectly!