We went to the Shrine Circus!
It wasn't as good as Cirque du Soleil but it was still entertaining! :-)


Before we left for the circus, we had lunch at Ikea.


After lunch, it started to rain which made the weather more humid! We managed to get inside the tent without getting too wet. :-)


Here were a few snaps before the show started. The little kids were allowed to ride on the circus elephants!


The show finally begun and we got some pretty good seats! I'm not sure if we were allowed to take pictures during the show but after I saw some peoples' flashes went off, I decided to take some photos too! :-)


For each stunts, the performers would also tell us a short story or joke with it which made it entertaining. :-)


When the first half was over, we went for a washroom break!


After the washroom break, we watched them set up for the second half of the show.


They continued with their amazing stunts!

The last performer was my favourite!! He was just insane!!! He did acrobats on a rotating wheel and not only that ...he did it blindfolded while tossing sticks that were lit on fire! He ended the show on sucha good note! :-) Thanks for bringing us Susie and Ryan!