I went to the lake with my cousins on Thursday! It has been over a year since we all hung out together!!!


We went to Professor's Lake, a new lake that just opened in Brampton. It looks just like a beach! The water was beautiful and there was actually sand and seagulls!


We wanted to take as many pictures as we could since we knew it might be a while until we all hang out again since Judy is leaving for university!


We actually all look like the same height in the picture above! Hahaha :-)


It was so windy that day! Our hair was flying eeevveerrywhere!


Once we got into the water, it wasn't that cold! When we got out of it after ...my goosebumps had goosebumps!


After some fun in the water, it was time to sizzle in the sun! Hahaha :-)


It was so cute how we all had our toes painted!


I guess the wind actually made our hair look really good in the pictures!!! :-)


We were pretty much the last people there! After we left, we went home and showered and went out to Swiss Chalet for dinner! :-) Thanks for the memories guys! XO