It's finally time to say goodbye to my old computer!
I've spent about ten years with it and I must say, I had a share of good and bad memories with it! I'm definitely not going to miss you! :-)

Goodbye... to the power button that i had to tape on,

to the annoying wires that kept falling out, to the childish stickers that I thought were so cool (I still do though),

to the crappy quality webcam, to the sticky tack that held my webcam on top of my monitor,

to my gross and dusty keyboard (I'm so embarassed!),

to the mouse ball that always fell out or didn't roll,

to the USB outlet that doesn't work and lastly, goodbye to the chunky machine that always shut off on me every half an hour or so! Now it's time to say... hello to my new all-in-one computer!!!

Hello... to the wide and sleek monitor, to the power button that turns on everything,

to my new built-in webcam,

to my new and clean keyboard,

and to my shiny mouse!

I can finally enjoy playing on my computer without fearing that it'll shut off on me!!! :-)