Today I went over to Alexandria's to drop off her belated birthday gifts! (Her birthday was on May 27th, I'm so late! Hahaha)

I bought her an anchor ring and gave her some mula $$ so she could buy herself something pretty! I was glad that she loved it! :-)

I stayed over for a bit and we made homemade pizza!

She shredded the cheese while I decorated the pizza!

She wanted everything on her side of the pizza while I kept mine simple. I've always been the simple girl. :-)

The pizza turned out great! After we ate, we watched the movie, Beastly! The movie was confusing, funny, and cute. Alex Pettyfer is so hot!!!

I actually haven't told you guys about Alexandria! She's my hipster friend from school that I got pretty close with this year. I'm not sure how we became friends since we don't really like the same things.. but we could pretty much relate to each other and we accept each other for who we are. So cheesy! Hahaha :-)