I had so much fun today with Susan, Ryan, Ozandy, Kristin and Nicholas!

We were suppose to go to Wild Water Kingdom but the plan was cancelled because the weather forecast said it was going to rain, but it didn't until the evening! It was fine though, we still had lots of fun! :-)


We first picked up Ryan's siblings at their apartment and as we were waiting for them to finish eating, we took some pictures on their balcony!

Afterwards, we were on our way to the Taste of the Danforth!


It was my first time going there! For those who haven't been there, it's basically a fun street festival in Greek Town. Its where you get to shop, try tasty food at different stations and win prizes!

The place was packed, every station had a long line-up! We were basically flowing with the crowd!


We were finally able to look for a station that was selling pita without a super long line! As we were waiting for our chicken pitas, it started to rain!

We quickly got our pitas and went back to Ryan's car, luckily we didn't get too wet.

We finished our pitas before we drove off. The chicken pitas were so good, I discovered my love for them today! :-)

After we were done, we went to Putting Edge to play glow in the dark mini golf!


We didn't keep score, we just hit our balls around like hockey! (I'm so glad we didn't, I totally sucked! Hahaha)

We tried planking on the different objects in there! I tried planking on the turtle that Kristin is sitting on (top right photo) and I fell off and my underwear flashed everyone! I loved how everyone acted like nothing happened after! Hahaha :-)

They had such colourful themes for each station!

After mini golf, we played in the arcade for a bit and then my sister treated us all for ice cream at Caffe Demetres!!


We all enjoyed a nice plate of ice cream with crepes! mmmMm.. I also discovered my love for crepes today too! :-)


My sister and I shared a plate and we finished before everyone else, it was just that good!


It was a fun Saturday, especially since it was all unplanned!