This was how we spent our last day together. They were going to go home the next day so we tried to make the most of it by taking lots of pictures! We rode bikes and found beautiful sceneries to take pictures at! :-)

The sun kept hiding in and out! We managed to get a beautiful snapshot of the sun shining on us though! :-)

As we were setting up to take this photo (bottom) a car drove into this house's parking lot and we felt uncomfortable. We waited until they entered the house before we continued taking photos. I'm glad we stayed though because this is actually my favourite photo out of this whole batch! :-)

I'm not sure if I was copying Nancy in the top right picture... or was she copying me? Hahaha

We left when the sun was starting to set! The day ended perfect with pizza for dinner. :-)

That's it guys! That was basically my last two weeks that I have spent with my cousins! Thanks Nancy & Lisa for the memorable and fun weeks of summer, I hope you guys had lots of fun! We are definitely going to do this every summer! :-)