The night before, we were planning to go to Wal-Mart to eat Mcdonalds! The next morning, my sister made me realize that we shouldn't spend money $$$ since we already have chicken nuggets and fries at home. So instead, we biked to Metro and bought chicken patties and buns and made our own homemade Mcdonalds' meal! They were delicious and after eating it, it made me felt better than Mcdonalds would have. :-)

We still went to Wal-Mart though and bought a tie-dye kit and basic white t-shirts! :-) It has been on my summer list for three years to make tie-dye t-shirts and now I was finally able to accomplish it!!!

We laid out garbage bags on the parking lot and used flower pots to hold them down to keep them from flying away.

The kit was really easy to follow! It came with instructions and photos which helped a lot!

Nancy chose to do the bull's eye, Lisa chose the scrunched technique and I chose the spiral! I was kinda nervous to start.

We were done in about 10 minutes! I wish I could of took more pictures during the process but I couldn't get the dye on my camera.

Here is the finished process though! :-) It was messy but worth it! We ended up getting dye on my parking lot too! Woops! We had to wait six to eight hours before opening it... we only waited 3 hours... :-)

but they still turned out fabulous!!!

The next morning, they didn't look like they did when we first unraveled it, my tip is that... you should listen to the instructions!!! It was still so much fun making it! :-)

Let me tell you guys a funny situation that happened at Wal-Mart! We were waiting at the beauty department cash register to pay for our items but the girl ran out of receipt paper and she was waiting for someone to bring it for her. She kept calling on the telephone and I was wondering why she couldn't go get it herself.. hmm. Anyways, as we were waiting, there were these three young boys hanging behind shelves staring at us. Nancy and I started making fun of Lisa saying how they had were checking her out and she started getting nervous. :-) We got tired of waiting for this cashier so we decided to go to the regular cash registers near the entrance. As we leave to go there, those little boys followed us... we were kinda terrified. They disappeared when we were lining up for a while but when we were done and left the entrance, there they were! We walked to Dollarama (across from Wal-Mart) to buy basic t-shirts (We didn't even find any there!) and they followed us. We were just whispering to each other, "If they ask us, say we're sixteen/eighteen." I finally got fed up of speed walking so I turned around and asked...
Cindy: Are you following us?!
Oldest Youngster: We think you're beautiful.
Nancy: How old are you?!
Youngest Youngster: We're 16.
Cindy: Well .. we're 18!
After I said that, we hurried and walked away and they stopped following us! I could still hear them whispering in the background though, "They look like they're 14!" After we left Dollarama, we saw them again and I think I died a little inside. When we walked by them, they started calling us $luts and saying we had flat butts. I missed being called beautiful then!!! Hahaha