We celebrated Ethan's 5th birthday on Saturday! In the morning, I went with them to Dollarama and Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute stuff for his birthday party!

Besides picking up items, we obviously played around in there! Hehehe :-)


We wanted to contribute to the party and make it a little more special for him so we decided to make...


candy shish kabobs! We picked up all sorts of peanut-free goodies!


We were in a time crunch, so we had to drive home quickly, wrap his gifts
and make the candy shish kabobs all in one hour!


We finished right on time and they turned out great for our first time! We quickly got dressed after and was on our way to the party.


This year, they held his party at an indoor center!

It had tables, an indoor playground and a bouncy castle! Linda asked me to be the photographer for the party, of course I said yes! :-)


We played on the playground, ate pizza and fruits,


played with little Eli,


and air hockey!


It was finally cake time! :-)

This year he got a chocolate marble dinosaur cake! He absolutely love dinosaurs.


After we sang Ethan happy birthday,

it was time to cut the cake! (Fun Fact: Ethan's best friend (in the top right photo) has the same name as him and has a little brother named Elijah too! What a coinkadink and it wasn't planned! Also, both of their moms are expecting a third child next year!)

After cake time, he opened all his presents!


This year, I got him a scooter and Susan got him dinosaur bedsheets! He sure loved them! :-)


After opening gifts, we mingled a bit more

and soon it was time for the candy shish kabobs! :-)

These were the expressions we were waiting for from him!


We got so many compliments on these,


they were definitely worth making!!! Happy birthday little one! :-)