Last weekend, I went to Horseshoe Adventure Park! 
We woke up super early on a Sunday morning, ate pizza for breakfast and then met up with Susie's friends to go! :-)


We bought a Groupon pass which covered many activities for us!

We wanted to go in the OGO ball first but it wasn't opened because of the weather condition, only the water one was but we didn't have a bathing suit!


We still had lots of fun doing other activities though!

The first thing we did was the Red Horse Maze!


My partner was Lillian and we both suck at mazes so it wasn't a surprise when we were the last ones to finish! Peter eventually helped us out because the group was getting hungry while waiting for us! Hahaha


For lunch, we went to Crazy Horse! We sat inside the restaurant at first but the mosquitoes kept hovering over our food so we decided to move outside to sit


.. it wasn't any better though!


The food was tasty and filling! They did my order wrong though,


they gave me a healthy salad instead of fries! Hahaha It's okay. :-) After we finished eating, we went rock climbing! I didn't go on though since I didn't have proper shoes ..sniff, sniff.


Afterwards, we lined up for about an hour for Euro Bungy, it totally wasn't worth the wait though but we didn't now what else to do since we had to wait three more hours for our time to zipline!


It was finally our turn on this bouncy thing! Ryan jumped so, so high!


I was so surprised that I could actually do a flip since I can't do a somersault... :-)


After bungee jumping, we took a ride in the Hummer!!! :-)

It was my absolute favourite!!!

The dude drove us through the forest, over large rocks, loopy hills, backwards and even sidewards! It was craaaaaazy! There was one moment when I thought it was literally going to flip over!


He would stop the truck here and there for us to get out and explore!


My sister is so strong like... she could lift the truck with her butt! Hahaha


We also visited a bear's home to say hello but he was probably out looking for honey!


He was trying to find and show us some berries that the bears ate in the forest!


I definitely recommend riding in a hummer guys, it's such an awesome experience!!! :-)

After the ride, he drove us to our final destination...



It was too late to chicken out now because it was a very long walk back!


I was so scared but I was waiting for this the whole day!


The wind felt so nice when you zipped down! It wasn't scary at all, I would so do it all over again! :-) What a great way to end off a great day!