On Saturday, I went to Nuit Blanche! For those who haven't been there before, its simply an art show that's held every year downtown Toronto! It starts when the sun sets and ends when then sun rises!


Before we went, we ate some yummy tacos for dinner! :-)


Nancy and Lisa came over to join us this time


and then we bundled up and drove downtown! It was so chilly and packed!


We didn't get to see much since we were with a big group of people but we still saw some pretty cool things - like breakdancers, a man in a pink tutu, a pen that writes by itself and a large canvas with all sorts of food drawn on it!


I pretty much spent my night with this girl holding onto my arm! :-)


After a long night of sightseeing, we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat! :-)


We all said we weren't that hungry...


but we ended up finishing two plates of noodles!


The night ended with a fortune cookie, a nice car ride home


and chips before bed... :-)