My sister and I just finished baking our red velvet cake (Take two!), and it tasted way better than the first one! We searched up many recipes and couldn't decide between Zoom Yummy's recipe or Buddy Valestro's recipe!

We chose Buddy's recipe in the end since he does have his own show for a reason, so that means he knows what he's doing! Haha :-)

It was a fun process but it was kinda difficult since we didn't have a mixer. Hey guys, wanna get me that for my birthday!!! Hahaha :-)

After an hour of baking and sticking our fork in multiple times, our beautiful cake was ready! It must have been very tasty if my dad actually tried it! Okay... we actually urged him to take a bite, but he ended up finishing it!! :-)

I'm off to bed! I have co-op tomorrow and I'm supa excited to see my favourite kids! Goodnight everyone! :-*