Today I made mini apple pies with Megan! 
I found this recipe through Stumbleupon and I was so excited to make it!!! She enjoys baking as much as I do so I thought it would be great to try this recipe with her! It was our first time baking something else instead of cupcakes! :-)


The recipe was really easy to follow! It took us two hours to finish before putting it in the oven. We had problems in the beginning because we didn't know how to mix the dough! I have a mixer but it didn't work. Actually, we didn't know how to work it! Hahaha We poured the batter in the blender ..which didn't go really well since the dough was too thick for the blender to mix it and some funky smell started coming out of it. We eventually went back to our first plan of using our spoons to mix it... but that seriously didn't go well, so our last resort was our hands and that went super well!!! :-)


While the cutiepies baked in the oven, we cooked our lovely dinner! :-)

How cute and cheesy are we!!! :-) We had the lights dimmed and music playing in the background too! Hahaha Before we ate, we had a little spill and look what the spill created!!!

By the time we finished, the pies were still not done baking so we took some webcam photos!

Finally, our babies were finished!!!

"They taste better than they look!!!" - M

I think our apple pies were a success, especially if my dad was willing to try one! :-)

Thanks for a great day Megan! :-*

Here is the recipe if you guys would like to try!