Camille and Fahiya came over today!
It's such an odd combination I must say, its never been just us three hanging out at my house! :-)

It wasn't awkward at all, it was actually so much fun! *Sigh, I really missed them! The day was filled with so many laughs and stories about our lives! Did you know, in our group of close friends, we each go to different schools but we still keep in touch?! It's pretty amazing! :-)

Camille came over first and we talked for about two hours! She's probably one of the few people I find so intriguing and I could never zone out on! Feel special Cammy! Hehe

The day ended with about seven hundred webcam pictures (..I know! Hahaha) but we ended up keeping only a hundred of them!!! Unbelievable! Haha I love you girls! :-)

Megan's coming over tomorrow and I can't wait to bake with her!!!!