The things that made me smile this week was... turning seventeen years old! I had a really great birthday this year! Alexandria and I went to MuchMusic on the day before my birthday
to be in the audience for New.Music.Live!!! :-)

I got to meet Jesse and took a photo with him! Woop, woop! He's so scrumptious! I also got to meet the other VJs but who really cares... :-)

At night time, my sister came into my room and surprised me with a new charm for my Juicy charm bracelet! She got me a running shoe charm because I like to run! Hahaha :-)

She also got me a big slice of carrot cake! Most people like vanilla or chocolate but I like carrot (and banana)! :-)

That was actually the best carrot cake I ever tried! You had no idea how happy I was that night! The next day, I came to school and saw my locker decorated! Thank you so much Jess!!! :-) ♥♥♥

Ty birthday was filled with so many birthday wishes via text, Facebook and Twitter! Thanks everyone for taking their time to wish me a happy birthday, I really appreciated it!!!! :-)

I'm so excited for my birthday parties next weekend! It was suppose to be this weekend but I have so many tests and assignments due next week! Oh well, work hard, party later! :-)

Other things that made me smile this week was... eating the last Timbit my friend saved me from her presentation! How thoughtful of her! Haha :-)

We also got to do a fun lab in chemistry.. finally!!!!

We got to melt magnesium!

I was also able to finish my valentine cards for my co-op kids this week!

I was suppose to be working on my art assignment in class but I told my teacher that... "I'll do it at home.. in my bedroom.. that's where the magic happens.." and then I realized how wrong that sounded! Hahaha

Stay tune for the next post about my co-op fair, I'm going to finally unveil it! :-)