I just came back from my amazing week at Muskoka Woods!

I made so many new friends! It's true what they say, you can't forget how someone ever makes you feel, even if you forget their words and actions! :-)

I also think people enjoy going to Muskoka because they finally feel like a part of something at our school. It's where we all forget about our cliques and social status and get to know one another!

I'm actually so lucky to have awesome cabin members! Guess what, I got the same cabin I got in grade nine! What are the chances!!! It was a huge surprise when Jess and I found out they changed the cabin list and we were in the same cabin! If we weren't, I still had really great people! We all bonded so quick and poured our hearts out to each other every night about boys! Hahaha

I was a part of the av crew at Muskoka! My task was to film the whole experience! The benefits of being on this crew is actually great!!! :-)
  • I get to sit at any table during dining hours.
  • I am not required to have debriefs with my colour group at night time.
  • I get to go back to my cabin first to shower.
  • I get car lifts around the campus.
  • I get to visit any station at any time.
  • I can participate in the activities.

I don't think I'm going to do the AV crew next year though. I'd rather be enjoying myself than capturing other people's fun! Haha

It's fun and all but it's also stressful. The whole crew was dying on the last night. There were hurtful words exchanged but it's good that we eventually resolved it and realized we're all in this together. :-)

After working so hard, we all partied harder on the last night!

Photos by Alexa and Kaitlyn