I stayed the whole day at my co-op placement today! I usually stay there in the morning and get back to school during lunch but today my supervisor asked me if I could stay to help out on Valentine's Day! :-) I knew it wouldn't be problem since I knew what I was going to do in my afternoon classes and I wouldn't miss much! The kids were so ecstatic when they found out I was staying for the afternoon!!! Hehe :-)

These are my biggest admirers in the class! In the morning, they had a police officer come to talk to them about bullying and then they got to go to the bookfair!

I remember how i used to love going to the bookfair when I was younger, well.. I actually enjoyed looking at the accessories they had! Looking at them today, I realized they weren't all that amazing like I used to think they were! Hahaha

I actually found one of my favourite books, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli on sale for $2! What a great bargain! I bought it without a second thought. I recommend it! It's weird how I owned the 2nd book from the series but not the first. I've been wanting to purchase the first one for a while! :-)

The kids got to make a wishlist of the books they wanted from the bookfair and then they would show it to their parents and hopefully when they come in with their parents during parent-teacher interviews this Friday, they could hopefully get it!

After the bookfair, it was lunchtime for them! It felt strange staying at my co-op placement during lunch!

I enjoyed a PB and J sandwich! Haha :-)

After lunch, they spent the afternoon on a project! They're learning about the five senses in science so my supervisor thought it would be a great for them to learn about braille by making their names out of Froot Loops! How cute!

After working so hard on their project, it was time for the Valentine Party! It's so cute when they all waved their arms in the air when my supervisor announced it! Hahaha

When I was handing out my Valentine cards, I heard Cassandra say, "I looOove Miss. Cindy!" and Aiden responded, "I looOove her too!" :-)

They made cute cat purses to place their Valentine cards in!

I know I smile a lot already but when I'm there, I really smile a lot.