I definitely put the "pro" in procrastination!
My art teacher assigned us an assignment two weeks ago and she gave us so much class time to work on it but you know me.. I don't ever spend it wisely. I've been doodling, chit chatting with friends and skipping those classes for co-op... :-) So last night, I had to finish all of it because it was due the next day!!!

I wasn't panicking to finish it though because I already knew what my idea would be, materials that would be needed, how long it would take and what I was capable of. I was willing to pull an all nighter if I really had to finish it!

The aim of this project was "to create a coloured poster that effectively makes our student body aware that --------- is producing a drama production." We basically had to choose one of the skits from the drama production and illustrate it on the poster and provide the necessary information for the showtimes.
The skit I chose to illustrate was... The Lifeboat is Sinking by Shel Silverstein.

(Jen and Sherwin sit safely on their bed, but Jen forces her husband to imagine they are on a sinking boat int he middle of a terrible storm. Waves fill the boat with water; there are no life jackets; and Sherwin must decide whether he should throw his mother overboard or condemn them all to die.)

Believe it or not, I finished by midnight! Psssh, two weeks of class time for this, I finished in five hours in one day! I also took a lot of breaks while I was working to eat and go on Facebook! Hahaha :-) Here are some of my friends' posters!

They have all spent their time so wisely in class!

Are you guys ready to see what I was capable of doing in five hours?

It's funny how my classmates were asking me if I really did everything myself... yes I did!!! :-)

I'm so lucky I had leftover paint, scrapbooking paper and embellishments!

My teacher told us that we weren't able to use the computer to generate anything for our poster but it's funny how I always bend her rules and she always accepts them! I'm actually doing her a big favour though because my penmanship isn't the best. :-)

She adored my poster! Woop, woop! :-)