Things that made me smile this week was getting an extra slice of carrot cake for free!

After school today, I treated Jess to a drink at Second Cup. I also wanted a slice of carrot cake and I offered to buy her one but she didn't want me to buy it for her. So when I was paying (I knew the cashier, by the way) I asked for two slices but Jess was like, "No!" so I was only charged for one slice of cake but she actually put two slices on the plate for me!!!! :-)

The other things that made me smile this week was going to co-op of course!


To be honest, getting hours isn't my motivation for going to co-op. They make me happy!!!


Guess what! This week, I got to see my grade three teacher there! (By the way, I didn't go to this elementary school that I'm doing my co-op at!) What a small world, right? My grade three teacher retired so now she's being a supply teacher at various schools. She actually helped me so much in deciding which high school to go to! :-) I was about to get into I.B...


Other things that made me smile this week... was being chosen to design the tickets for my school's play,

eating cinnamon hearts and... 

being surprised with a blueberry muffin at lunch! :-) Thank you Lana! I don't help people expecting anything in return!

"I got a blueberry muffin and I just thought, Cindy should really have it."