I finally celebrated my seventeenth birthday!  
I wanted to keep my birthday really small this year, so I just invited my besties! I've known these girls since I was young and I just know we'll be close for a really long time!!! :-)


Yesterday, Susie, Ryan and I had to run to No Frills, Wal-Mart, Dollarama and Metro to pick up all the food and supplies for my mini get together! :-)


We rushed home and quickly prepared all the food before everyone came! We finished on time, woO hoOo!! Is it weird that I didn't want to go out this year, or get super drunk? I preferred having my besties over this year and have taco night! I love my tacos! Hahaha :-)


We had tacos, mini hamburgers, onion rings, and garlic bread! I'm so happy everyone enjoyed the food!


When we were done eating, we all said we were so full... but I guess not if we still ate more snacks... Hahaha :-)

Jen came a bit late to my birthday party but she had good intentions! She actually ran downtown to get me macarons for my birthday present! So sweet!!! My love for macarons is indescribable!


Megan was so thoughtful and ran to get me a present too! She got me a super cute owl necklace and I've always wanted one too! Thanks so much guys! I honestly wasn't expecting anything. After opening my birthday presents, it was time to cut my cake! :-)

Everyone sang me happy birthday... but seriously though, what do you do when everyone sings to you?!

We all said we were so full but I guess not... Hahaha :-)


The cake tasted amazing!!! It was so much better than ice cream cake! I've had DQ's ice cream cake every. single. year. it doesn't phase me anymore! I'm sure this is the first year where my daddy didn't buy me it! Thanks for the cake Ryan!!! :-)


After the cake, we took a few group photos! I'm so happy for great friends! :-)


We were going to watch a horror movie after but we decided to play cranium! I love this game!!! Hahaha


After the game, each friend had to slowly go home... eventually it was just Jen and Joy left.. :-)


Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me guys!!! :-*


I also want to give a big thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for making it all possible!!! :-* It's time to celebrate it with my other best friend tonight! :-)