Yesterday my sister and I met up with each other to grab some lunch and to buy her friend a birthday present! After having a tough time deciding where to go for lunch, we eventually chose to go to an asian cuisine, Spring Rolls!

We had the all-you-can-eat menu where we were able to order and try multiple appetizers! :-)

The food tasted great! My sister said their service was really similar to Spoon and Fork and I've never been there before!

"This does not look like chicken.." "...It's not, it's pineapple."

Every plate was delicious except the last plate we ordered... the thai red curry crab. Yuck!

My sister took one for the team and ate it to save our butts from paying for the individual appetizer! Hehehe :-)

While we were eating, a fly started flying around and my sister wacked it and it landed in my soy sauce! She started drowning it with soy sauce but it wouldn't die so she took a piece of raw fish to try to suffocate it.. it worked! Hahaha

The highlight of the lunch were their desserts! We ordered the tempura cheesecake and mango sticky rice! I'm not a fan of cheesecake but it actually tasted so good when it's deep fried. The mango sticky rice was tasted bomb!!!

After the meal, my sister was dying... I was still smiling! Hahaha :-)

After we left and went to the subway station, one of the food booths there offered us to try some of their samples, I was like, "Sure!!!" and my sister gave me a look and was like, "Aren't you full yet?!" Hahaha I'm not sure where all this food is going...

We took the subway to my work to shop around at the stores and boutiques on the street! We walked into a cute store called, Oink, oink! It's a children's toys and books store and there were so many cute things!

A Hello Kitty toaster caught my eye and I showed it to my sister and she fell in love with it too! She bought it as the birthday gift for her friend! I'm so jealous, we don't even own a toaster! Hahaha

You get to make toast with Hello Kitty faces on them! The toaster also toast bagels and does defrost! :-)

After leaving this store, we walked into TNT and they were having amazing sales!!! All the tops we purchased was 75% off! We saved so much - how thrifty are we! :-)

My sister initially got her friend the Naked palette at Sephora as a birthday gift but after finding the Hello Kitty toaster, I bought it off of her! :-)

I knew I was going to eventually buy it since I've been wanting it for a while!

The shades are so beautiful!

I also purchased a new Hello Kitty makeup case that I'll use as a pencil case from Oink oink!

Whatta fun day with Susie! I can't wait to celebrate my belated birthday party tomorrow! :-)