Today Ryan picked me up from school since he had a day off! Lately, his leg has been aching and its gotten pretty bad that he had to go to the doctors. I really hope everything will be okay!!!

He came over after and chilled with my grandma while I baked my favourite banana cake recipe! I was going to bake yesterday but my bananas weren't riped yet! To make bananas ripen quick, place them in a bag with an apple and wait overnight! It really works!!! :-)

After my banana cake finished baking, we went to pick up my sister from work and we also stopped by my favourite macaron place, La Bamboche!

Macarons always make me smile.

After we picked up my sister and my mom, we went home and had dinner. We had corn... and chicken and mashed potatoes.. but I love corn!!! Hehehe :-)

After dinner, it was time to eat my beloved banana cake!

I got this recipe from one of my dad's customers who used to bake it for him every Christmas! I'm usually the one who always finishes it. It's seriously the best banana cake I ever had!!! :-)

For some reason, the recipe she gave me wasn't as moist as the one she made! I think she forgot to write me one more ingredient... I think it's vegetable oil..

It was still good nonetheless! :-) What made me even happier is that Ryan and my mom thought so too!!! I'm going to bring a slice for Jess and Lana tomorrow! :-) After banana cake.. I couldn't forget to eat my macarons!!! I bought for Susie and Ryan too! :-)

I got the caramel sea salt (my sister's favourite) and

my favourite, mint chocolate! It tasted soooo heavenly!!!

I really hope I learn to perfect this recipe one day!

School has been really good to me this week! I haven't had homework to do for two days! Whew! Co-op has also been great, as usual. :-) This week is going to end really great, I just have a good feeling.