Today I brought Jessica and Lana a slice of my banana cake that I baked yesterday! Those expressions makes me so happy inside!!! :-)

It was the grade 10 literacy test today, so school started at 1:00 and classes were only a half an hour! I don't understand why my school would still hold classes when you can't really accomplish much in that time?!?! I had to go anyways because I "thought" there would be a math quiz but nobody showed up so it got postponed! Woop, woop! :-)

Before school, Jessie and I went to Second Cup for lunch!

We both ate a grilled pita for lunch! I still can't justify the cost for it though, it wasn't worth it!!!

After work today, I decided to surprise my sister with her favourite chicken caesar salad from Ferrero's but apparently... Ryan bought it for her today tooo?!?!

What a coincidence!!! It's amazing how we didn't even plan it to get it for her today! Now my sister has an extra box for lunch tomorrow! Hahaha

My mom is known to buy weird/interesting fruits, like abnormally big strawberries, super tiny clementines and yellow watermelon! I'm not complaining though, I find them really yummy!

Today I tried this new fruit she bought called star apple! She said it was one of her favourite fruits when she was growing up...

and I think it's going to be one of my favourite fruits too!!! :-)