Happy 17th birthday, Camille!!! 
This year, we went go-karting for Cammy's birthday! I'm sure it was everyone's first time there! I had so much fun but let me tell you... I suck.

Like I'm actually not exaggerating here!! Hahaha I bumped into the walls multiple times and everyone knew it was me when they heard a thump! Hahaha I thought go-karting would be like Mario Kart, but it's not okay!! It's so much harder... or I just suck a lot. I don't think i'm going to be a good driver. I go way too fast and I turn horribly! I definitely belong in the asian stereotype. Hahaha :-)

Besides being really bad at go-karting, I had lots of fun!

I met some of Cammy's school friends but I spent most of my night with Joycelyn and Megan! Camille floated around and hung with us a lot. :-)

After go-karting, we had pizza

and Camille opened her gifts! Megan got her a Starbucks' gift card and Joycelyn and I chipped in to get Camille a sweater from Aritzia! We hope you liked it Cammy! :-)

After eating, we all just hung around and talked! Joycelyn, Megan and I had lots of fun taking photos on my new iPhone that I got yesterday!!! I'm actually sooo in love with it right now!

Thanks for inviting me Cammy!!! :* I hope you had an awesome 17th birthday!