My days at co-op this week were great! I'm actually starting to teach the class more and it's not bad at all since I'm so comfortable with each of them! They all show me so much respect me too! I couldn't ask for more! *Sigh... :-)

I actually let them use my camera as long as they wear the strap! It's so cute to look through my camera later and see what kind of pictures they took! I get a lot of close ups of boogers running down faces and kids sticking their arms at the camera because they want a turn with the camera! Hahaha

Here's a random photo of Isabelle and her barbie! During snack time she came up to me and asked, "Miss. Cindy, can you come with me to my back pack? I want to show you something!"

Here's a few more photos I took this week during recess, I told them to show me an - angry face, silly face,

happy face, sad face,

scary face and surprised face!

The highlight of my week at co-op was probably when Cassandra had a complete breakdown today because I had to go back to school at lunch. She was balling her eyes out and it broke my heart but I had to go since I had an evaluation today! She wanted me to stay for their glow in the dark dance-a-thon in the afternoon! I would if i could!

I really don't want them to become so attached to me because it'll be so much harder to say goodbye at the end of year!!! :-(