Since today was the last day before march break, there weren't that many people at school. I actually considered skipping last period but I'm glad I didn't! I was able to do a lot of progress on my art work! Plus, I couldn't leave my bestie alone in art class! Our latest art assignment is to design a tile that could be hung up in our cafeteria! The tile has to be a frontal or profile face of any culture. My sister gave me a great idea of doing Buddha! :-)

I chose to do the laughing Buddha! He's so adorable! Hahaha :-) Jessica chose to do a flapper women from the '20s! We basically have to carve it out of linoleum and then

we would imprint it onto clay to create our tile! We use some leftover clay right now to see how it would turn out if we were to actually make the final product!

It's actually hard to carve it out of linoleum because its sort of like reverse brain thinking.. you have to realize that the deeper you carve, the more it would stick out if you were to imprint it into clay! I actually carved one section really deep that you could see light coming through... :-) It's really hard to tell when to stop!

After art, Jessica asked me out on a date to Timothy's! Since I treated her last time, she treated me this time. Thanks Jess! :-*

It was a great way to start our march break!

I love how she took candid photos of me. Hahaha :-)

I got a coke, she got a hot chocolate and we shared a chocolate Skor! To be honest, I got a coke because i wanted the empty glass bottles to put flowers in. Hahaha :-)

March Break officially starts now!