Yesterday I went to Spoon and Fork with my favourite people! :-)

It was my first time there and the hype over it is pretty well deserved!

The food was tasty (other than Nancy finding a piece of hair in her mango salad, yuck! Sorry guys, I had to say it!)

For those who haven't been there, it's a Japanese/Thai cuisine!

We chose the all-you-can-eat dinner menu where we were able to try as many appetizers as we'd like (just like Spring Rolls) but we have to finish the plate before they started charging us full price for it!

We weren't getting full until...

the last plate of sushi came! We were all dying after this! Hahaha

Afterwards, we went to the movies to watch the new thriller, Silent House! We were waiting until our showtime so we went to play at the arcade. Nancy and I were trying to collect tickets for the prizes! I actually found 10 tickets sitting around the arcade! Hahaha!

Doesn't it look like we were suppose to get 1000 tickets there?! The ticker is so much closer to the 1000 mark but obviously, they gave us 15 tickets instead... Nancy and I ended up earning/finding 25 tickets each. We traded them for these plastic princess rings! :-)

The movie wasn't scary like the poster made it seemed, it said it was "based on true events." Let me tell you, it wasn't scary at all! I was able to sleep like a baby last night. Hahaha I actually found the movie kinda funny! :-) After the movies, we went for dessert at....

the Spin that we went to last night was actually really bad. We were considering of not giving them tip too. They seated us at a wrong booth and made us embarrassingly change our seats. They also had reaaally slow service.

Their desserts were tasty though! My sister ordered their cold drinks,

Ryan and Nancy ordered their crepes

and of course I ordered their carrot cake! :-)
We got home around midnight and Nancy slept over!

It's always so much fun when she sleeps over!

This morning, I made her cinnamon toast for breakfast! (Sorry for the crappy photos coming up next! My sister had to borrow my camera today so these were taken with our Blackberries.)

After breakfast, we couldn't decide whether to bake brownies or cupcakes! We decided to bake brownies as cupcake form! We made Oprah's favourite brownies!!! :-)

It was really easy to follow and if I say so myself, they turned out beautiful! :-)

My beloved just went home and I miss her already! We will be reunited soon! :-*