Today I'm happier than a bird with a french fry! I'm so happy this week is finally done!!! It was cray cray! I had so much due after the march break, I don't know how i managed! I'm surprised I even squeezed in a bit of blogging this week!

Here's the promised post on my scrapbook! :-)

To end our documentary unit in English, my teacher assigned us an assignment which gave us an option of either:
  • filming our own short documentary
  • making a movie trailer
  • making an interesting graphic documentary on a notable person
It was good that I picked the scrapbook option since I had a lot of spare scrapbook paper and magazines to use as inspiration! I never thought my sister's and mom's magazines would come in handy! Thanks to everyone who also donated!!!

Here's the anticipated scrapbook I spent two days on when she gave us four weeks to work on it!!! It's definitely procrastination at its finest! When I told my teacher I was doing my scrapbook on Daphne Guinness, she asked me, "Are you sure you can find enough information on her?"

I didn't know what or how to do the title page so I decided to keep it simple! You really can't go wrong with a glittery page!!! :-)

Believe it or not, these are my favourite pages out of my whole scrapbook!

My sister's favourite page is the one of the right! (Above photo)

Before I ended my scrapbook, I had to include this little tidbit on the last page! :-)

Yesterday, I handed in my scrapbook and today, my english teacher told me she marked my scrapbook already and asked me if i wanted to know what mark I got! I was expecting at least an 80%... she gave me a 98%!!! :-) She said that's the highest mark she ever gave out for this assignment! I was completely ecstatic and Jessica was SO HAPPY for me!!! I can't believe I got that mark though! I have really high expectations for myself when it comes to art. I actually wasn't satisfied with my scrapbook! I wanted to make a pop-up runway in my scrapbook but I didn't have enough time, how awesome would that have been!!!!

Here's my grandma's cute reaction when I told her my mark! Hahaha :-) Afterwards, my english teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I don't know if it's just me but lately, I've been getting that question a lottt! I told her I wanted to do something in the arts but it's really hard to make a living out of that and she told me I shouldn't waste my artistic gift! Hahaha