Here are some things that caught my eye at co-op this week... a cootie catcher,

Gabriela's sparkly ring,

and Isabelle's city!

Co-op has been going really well, there's actually never a dull moment! I can't wait to go to co-op on Thursday, we're going to decorate Easter eggs!!! :-)

Today in art, I think I worked really productively! Remember my previous post where I introduced my art assignment for the next couple of weeks?!

I'm finally at the stage where I get to imprint it into clay!!

Here are some photos of my process today! Photo credits goes to Jess! HahahaStep #1: Use a rolling pin to press it into the clay.
Step #2: Use a knife to cut the excess clay around the linoleum!

Step #3: Peel off your linoleum!

I peeled it off slowly for some dramatic effect here... heh.. heh..heh :-)

(My hands look really dry - I blame the clay!)

and voila!!! My best print I made so far!!! I really hope my art teacher will hang mine up in the cafeteria!

Thank you clay for co-operating with me today!!! :*

Lately, I've been baking a lot and the time I prefer to bake is usually late at night! I think I got motivated to start baking more ever since I bought new cookie cutters! Collecting cookie cutters are slightly... addictive. I wanted to bake anything to be able to cut out cute shapes so I decided to bake sugar cookies for the first time! :-)

The most exciting part was decorating the cookies! Before I started decorating, I had to have a taste test on the icing... :-)

The cookies tasted really good with the icing until... I added the sprinkles! Wah!!!

Sprinkles made my cookies look cute but they didn't taste good at all! I couldn't let my friends taste test this! Note to self: Don't add sprinkles for next time!

After those somewhat unsuccessful cookies, I decided to bake a carrot cake the next night!

If you know me, I really love carrot cake! When my mommy told me we had carrots in the fridge, I started looking for carrot cake recipes online! Out of all the recipes I looked at, this one really gave me a good feeling!

The recipe required 3 cups of carrots! I'm sure my right arm is bigger than my left arm after grating these carrots!

My favourite part was dumping all the carrots in the batter! After many months of baking, I finally know what a good batter looks like! :-)

My cake baked well, with no overflow or burnt sections! Whew! :-) I finished late last night so I wasn't able to eat it... but the next morning, I had it for breakfast!

I think if i added cream cheese or caramel, it would've taste better! My mommy was in love with it and complained when I cut big slices for Lana and Jess (my official taste testers) my mom ended up bringing my whole cake to work and her co-workers are now asking for the recipe!!! Haha :-)