Isabelle came to school wearing cute bunny ears today! She was hopping around so much that my supervisor took them off and only let her wear it at recess! Hahaha

I asked Isabelle if she could take photos of me and Gabriella but before she did, she took selfies! I'm cool with that too.. Hahaha

Today was the day we decorated Easter eggs!

After recess, I drew some ideas they could use to decorate their eggs! They actually listened to me so well! When I clap my hands, everybody is quiet! Skillllz! Hahaha

They were complaining about my colouring, oh hell no! I was just showing them quickly so they could get started!

After I drew some ideas for them, I showed them the Easter egg I made!

It was finally time for them to get started!

This was actually a good opportunity for me to learn how to use the macro option on my camera!

After the drawing process, we dyed them in Kool-Aid! I wish I could've stayed the whole day to see how they all looked!!!

When all the eggs were placed in the dye, it was time to eat some goodies! Ava brought everyone cute rice krispie nests, Isabelle brought loot bags and I brought them chocolates! :-)

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend!!! :-)