This weekend has been filled with great food with great company! Yesterday I met up with Joycelyn after work and she surprised me with macarons since she knew how much I adore them!!! :-)

We both enjoyed them while drinking our Starbucks and catching up with each other lives! :-) Check out Joy's nails in the bottom right photo! She actually tried TBD tutorial!

These macarons tasted just as great as La Bambouche's! They're a bit smaller, cheaper, cuter and chewier! :-)

Afterwards, we went shopping downtown! I was able to buy some new summer pieces! I'll show you guys soon!!! :-)

After that retail therapy, we went to Fran's for dinner! Initially, we wanted to go to Eggspectation but they were closed early due to the holidays so we just had breakfast for dinner at this 1940's restaurant! The service and food was really good! :-)

I got to try fried pickles for the first time! I'm positive that anything fried taste good! Hahaha

I'm not really sure what Joy ordered for her breakfast but she seemed to enjoy it!

I ordered their classic Morning Glory, which was simply a large waffle with eggs, bacon, and caramelized apples! :-)

Their waffles tasted heavenly when I drowned it with maple syrup!

I can't wait to see joy next week! we're going to go to the #1 macaron bakery in Toronto!!!

This morning I woke up and the first thing I wanted to do was read the new quote book I got from Urban Outfitters yesterday! (Fun Fact: I'm wearing my tie dye t-shirt I made in the summer!!!)

I remember seeing this book on Tumblr and I was intrigued to buy it! Here are a few of my favourite quotes from the book! :-)

Some of these quotes relate to me while some of them, it reminds me of others!

After reading, my uncle and auntie came over and invited us to go out for dim sum! How can you turn down such a great offer?! Hahaha :-)

The party definitely didn't start until he walked in... :-)

The food was dddelicious!

It's also my cousin, Jenny's birthday today!!! Happy birthday to you, Greek goddess! :-*

The day ended with Ethan telling me a bunch of dinosaur facts! He is so brilliant for a kid in junior kindergarten! Until next time... :-)