Last week Thiya texted me asking for a favour. She was wondering if I could help her with her assignment, which was to create a video about anything she wanted! She wanted to do a tutorial on the friendship bracelets I taught her how to make! 

Of course I would help my friend out! :-) I've been wanting to make a tutorial on my friendship bracelets too! So today she came over and we had a picnic before we started filming!

Initially, I wanted to film outside but it was too windy so we went back to my place and decided to film it all in my bedroom! It turned out better than I expected!!! :-)

Here's a few snapshots from the video!

I thought I had to go somewhere so I rushed Thiya over so we could quickly film! She told me that she was planning to surprise me with macarons today but she didn't have time! It's really the thoughts that count!!! :-)

Here's the tutorial on how to make a chevron friendship bracelet!