Yesterday I baked Nutella cupcakes for my dad's birthday! I hope you had a wonderful birthday daddy!!! :-*  When I first found this recipe, I bookmarked it quickly! I finally found the perfect occasion to bake these!!! Hehe :-)

When I was making the batter for these cupcakes, I was actually really iffy how it would turn out since the batter was so thin and watery! I decided to trust this recipe and went along with it anyways, hoping for the best!

The cupcakes turned out soooo moist and chocolaty!! I'm not exaggerating either! It was actually that good that my sister tried my baking for the first time!

I baked a dozen and told my sister and daddy to share with their co-workers and I had to save two for Jess and Lana (who always appreciates my baking!)! Hahaha :-)

My parents absolutely adore the photo on this ice cream cake! Hahaha :-) A few things that also made me giggle yesterday was this sign my sister made for the rat she heard in her bedroom yesterday morning...

I also found a bunch of photos of Jun on my phone yesterday! While Jess was braiding my hair in chemistry class yesterday,

Jun took my phone and started taking hundreds of photos of himself!!@#$

like Jun.. please take more!

Today was a late start at my school and I had co-op and since I went to co-op at the time I usually went at, i got a longer lunch! I decided to take the time to walk to Metro to buy Nutella for my art teacher! She told me she never tried it and I was surprised, she clearly has not lived!!! I also bought Fruit by the Foot to share with my friends! :-) I loved how their eyes twinkled when I gave each of them one

and the expressions on Jessica and Lana's face when they ate my cupcakes were priceless!!! :-)

I hope you had a happy pink day!