Today cindynguyenxo turns three years old!
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and continued to read it! You have no idea how much it means to me! I can't tell you how much it makes my day when someone comes up and says the four words to me, "I love your blog!" :-) I honestly can't believe I had this blog for so long! When I first started blogging, I was just blogging for myself! It's definitely a bonus getting followers too, so thank you!!! I hope you follow me until... I have my own little cakelets! :-)
I had to bake a cake for this special day!!! I baked an apple and cinnamon cake and it honestly tasted so good! I actually wanted to sit there and eat the whole cake myself but my mom wants to share it with her friends. Hahaha :-) My mom wasn't happy when I splitted the recipe in half! I wish i didn't but I had no idea how good it would actually turn out!
Oh gosh, apple and cinnamon tastes amazing together, it never ceases to amaze me! Besides this wonderful cake that made me smile, there were many things that made me smile this week like...

my coconut cupcakes!

I topped these cupcakes with lemonade flavoured icing and shredded coconuts and it tasted amazing! My sister actually ate it too and that means something. No wait, my grandma finally tried my baking for the first time! She said I'm actually a great baker - I will never forget those words from her!

I never made cupcakes that baked so quickly in the oven! I made two dozen mini cupcakes and by the end of the night, there were only three left!

Other things that made me smile were the beautiful roses Ryan bought for my mommy for Mother's Day!

My mommy haven't decided what she would like yet, so I gave her a banana with a carved message for Mother's Day! It's the thoughts that count right! Hehehe :-) Don't worry, I'm getting her something! I ain't that cheap for ma mamabear! :-* ♥

We celebrated the special day by going out for dinner! :-)

Other things that made me smile... were the photos Jess and I took yesterday!

I'm so happy the weather is warm enough for me to ride my bike! I get a lot of mixed emotions on my bike! People either love it or hate it but those who hate it, learns to love it! I don't care either way though, ma baby is a charm. :-) I spent the whole day at co-op today since they had a science workshop and needed extra help! I knew my afternoon classes were nothing but work periods so i wouldn't be missing anything!

Here's my outfit for today! I'm sure my jean jacket is a staple in my wardrobe!

Things that made me smile at co-op today was Isabelle's cute french manicure,

Ava's glittery butterfly shirt,

these girls,

these boys,

and getting my own two caterpillars!

I think I'm going to name them Apple and Cinnamon! ;-)

Before I end this special post, here are the recipes for the delicious cakes!